Saturday, December 10, 2016

Remembering our good fight...

Today would've been mine and Jay's 32nd anniversary. One of the hardest things that I've dealt with in regards to my loss is the fading memory of every small precious moment I want to hang onto as time goes on, but I hold tightly to a few that time will never pull from my grip.

I'm remembering today his big comfy hand that covered mine, his flannel sleeves that felt so good to rest upon, his quirky smile when he thought I was just plain silly and his love for our dog Samson. But most of all I'm remembering our good fight that taught our kids that marriage is a design with a purpose to be revered and entrusted to the one who designed it. It's a good story that doesn't always make sense to me because God took him home-- took him away from us when life was so good-- (perspective is everything, and this is the pitiful one). But when I look at my kids and see who they've become I understand the journey a little bit more. I see God's grace through the fog of misunderstanding and I'm always humbled and grateful.

So here's to what would've been 32 years, and to our good fight... Happy Anniversary Jay, you're always with me, and always will be. <3